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2 Dogs. 2,000 Miles.

The Journey Continues

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The Journey Begins

May 10, 2014

Peace Arch State Park

Blaine, WA

The Dogs

Hudson and Indiana are Great Pyrenees who will be accompanying Luke on his journey down the West Coast. Tagg the Pet Tracker is proud to have outfited them with GPS trackers and customized carry packs for their journey.

The Man

After losing his dog Malcolm to cancer, Luke Robinson had a vision of raising awareness and funds for canine cancer research. He started the charity Two Million Dogs to accomplish this goal and then embarked on long distance walks to raise awareness.

The Journey

In 2008, Luke walked from Austin, TX, to Boston, MA. This summer Luke and his two dogs are walking from Canada to Mexico. They will be journaling their experience and posting updates as they pass from town to town on their journey for cancer awareness.

Tagg The Pet Tracker

Tagg The Pet Tracker

Proud Sponsor of 2 Dogs. 2,000 Miles

Tagg The Pet Tracker has provided support and GPS pet trackers for this great journey. Use the map above to see updates on the location of Luke and the dogs.

Tagg attaches to pet collars and allows owners to track their pet’s location and level of activity. You can support the Puppy Up foundation by entering 2dogs when you purchase a Tagg Tracker at Tagg will donate 25% of each purchase.

Canine Cancer Charity

2 Million Dogs / Puppy Up was formed on the belief that if 2 dogs can walk 2000 miles to bring awareness to cancer surely 2 million dogs can walk 2 miles and spread awareness in their own communities.

Through The Puppy Up! Walk, we are building the largest pet and people cancer community in the world. Join Us!

GPS Pet Tracking
Learn more about GPS pet tracking and pet activity tracking from Tagg The Pet Tracker. Tagg easily attaches to your pet’s collar and lets you monitor them from your computer or smartphone. Tagg also sends you email and text alerts if they get out so you can quickly find them and bring them home safely.